Short term loans wherever
you are with Zedvance nano

Zedvance Nano is a structured digital financing service targeted for small amounts usually lower than the micro financing loan tickets. It is an instant short term loan designed to take care of those moments where you need to bridge gaps in finances for a short while. The loan application and disbursement process takes place in under 5 minutes and a repayable term of 15 to 90days.

Borrow more over time

Whether you are a salary or non-salary earner, you can get Zedvance Nano Loan within N2,500, N5,000 N7,500 or N10,000. With Zedvance Nano, you can also scale up to bigger loans up to N100,000 based on your credit history with us.

Zedvance Nano uses predictive analysis to determine customers borrowing eligibility based on factors such as character and capacity to provide small unsecure loans to mobile customers.

Repayment is automated. Deduction from customer’s account will happen on due date.

Apply for a Nano loan today: Download MoneyPal by Zedvance

Apply for your first Nano loan through our MoneyPal application available for download on the Google Play Store.


How can I get Nano Loan?

It’s simple! You can simply download MoneyPal from Google Play Store to apply.

Who can assist me with the loan processing?

You can call our customer service center via 07001001000 or send a mail to for support.

Can I pay off my loan before the scheduled date?

Of course! Early repayment is also available for customers who wish to repay prior to the repayment date. You can pay to Zedvance Limited Access Bank account 0690282997.

What if I miss my repayment date?

If you don’t pay on due date and the loan becomes overdue, you will be reported to Credit Bureau and default may affect your credit eligibility in the future.


Our loan packages cater to all your financial needs regardless of what they may be